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ContractJobHunter offers three types of access, which are describe in the following section. A "guest member" has limited access to our services, while a "subscriber" has unlimited access. The "premium star" icon (Premium Star) indicates a service that requires a paid subscription.

Click on any of the headings listed below, to open a description of that service or subscription option.

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Subscription/Membership Options

This is a website exclusively for contract job seekers: with thousands of jobs posted, searchable by keywords, firm name, location, or input date. is a goldmine of job-seeking resources, with links, resources, and subscriber services designed to help you find contract work and become highly knowledgeable about the contracting profession.

Online services include: resume database, searchable jobs database, Hot Sheet of available contractors, current and archived back issues of Contract Employment Weekly (including the ability to search issues by keywords), links to contract recruiter websites, and much, much more.

My JobHunter access (the subscribers-only area on our website) requires a User ID and Password (you select your own when subscribing).

Cost: $25 for 1 year (Contract Employment Weekly subscribers have online access for the duration of their print subscription)

Contract Employment Weekly (print edition)

Contract Employment Weekly is published every Wednesday. Its primary purpose is to furnish subscribers with information about immediate and anticipated contract job openings throughout the United States, Canada and overseas. Contract Employment Weekly also includes editorials, letters, and articles of interest to those working in the contract employment industry.

Contract staffing firms advertise their job openings each week in Contract Employment Weekly, the only publication in the U.S. devoted to the contract employment industry. Most jobs are for short and/or long term contract (temporary) assignments. They usually offer higher pay rates than similar direct (captive) positions. There should never be a fee to apply for or accept any of the jobs advertised in Contract Employment Weekly (or on Every job opening, article, letter, and editorial that is published in Contract Employment Weekly is also posted on

Cost: to U.S. addresses: $50/year, $30/12 weeks, $4/single issue; to Canada or Mexico: $60/year, $35/12 weeks, $5/single issue; to all other foreign addresses: $250/year, $75/12 weeks, $7/single issue. Note: Single issues do not include full electronic access to

Free Guest Membership

"Guests" are registered members who have not paid for a subscription.The requirement for Guest Membership is that the member register his or her contact information and a current resume for submittal to the job listings in our database. Our resume database is searchable by the staffing firms that advertise their jobs in Contract Employment Weekly and at Your resume and contact information may be forwarded to staffing firms whose requirements match your skills. We will never sell or provide your information to non-recruiters.

Guest Members can search our jobs database and submit their resume to the staffing firms that have advertised those jobs. Guests are not able to use any of our paid subscriber-exclusive services, as indicated by the "premium star" icon, (Premium Star). Non-paying membership entitles participants to the following, however:

  • Your resume will remain online at for 90 days.
  • You can upload an updated resume at any time.
  • You can extend your membership every 90 days for free. The 90-day limit simply allows you to confirm that you're still looking for work and make sure that we have your most recent resume.
Subscriber and Member Services

Contract Employment Weekly (PDF edition)

The digital PDF-formatted edition of our printed magazine is posted every week on

Cost: No additional cost.

Read the Electronic Edition of Contract Employment Weekly

Hot Sheet of Available Contractors Premium Star

For unemployed subscribers (or those with layoff notices), we email your name, address, phone, email address, a link to your online resume, and job classification(s) to contract staffing firms who advertise with us. This information is also searchable online by our advertisers for 10 weeks. One free Hot Sheet listing per calendar month.

Mini-Ad Listing - If you are currently working, or you want more comprehensive coverage than a once-a-month free listing ... you can pay to have a "Mini-Ad" on our Hot Sheet.

Cost: Hot Sheet listings are free. Mini-Ads are $5.00 per insertion (maximum of 150 letters, spaces, etc. for job classification on all listings).

My JobTracker Premium Star

All records in one place for your job searches, responses, and notes about the assignment. Our latest subscriber service... and one of the most valuable!

EZjobs Service Premium Star

Subscribers can receive each day's new job postings for openings that match their pre-set keywords. Those listings will be emailed to you stating the name of the recruiting firm, contact information, and all the data we have about each job.

Online Resume

Subscribers and members can upload their resume to our online database. Your resume will be stored on our server. Contract staffing firms' recruiters can search resumes by keywords, location, or entry date and instantly view, print or download them. Remember to keep your online resume current.

When you upload your resume into our online database, you can choose to have us email it to all current and Contract Employment Weekly advertisers. Recruiters can choose to receive all new resumes, submit keywords to receive only selected resumes, or receive no resumes at all. The default is set to not distribute the resume; only subscribers and members who check the box for distribution will have their updated resume emailed. Resumes are emailed at the end of each day.

There are several methods that subscribers can use to enter their resume into the online database:

  1. Upload your Word/WordPerfect/PDF resume at our website (no charge)
  2. Email your resume to: (no charge)
  3. Send your resume on DVD, CD or thumb drive (no charge)
  4. Submit a scannable resume ($5 per page)
  5. C.E. inputs 1-2 job updates to your existing online resume ($10)


This simple service saves a considerable amount of time whenever you search our jobs database. With E-Resume, your resume is emailed, with an attached memo stating the specific job posting to which you are responding.

Simply click the "Submit Resume" button on any of our job search results.

Online Profile Premium Star

Every day, recruiters perform hundreds of searches of our resume database, usually locating multiple resumes that match their keyword search. Often subscribers have certain requirements that do not generally appear on their resumes. For example: Are you currently available, or are you working now and won't be available for a couple of months? ... What is the minimum rate you will accept? ... Where would you prefer to work? ... Will you consider direct positions, or only contract? ... How do you prefer to work, W2 or 1099? ... etc... Your personal profile allows you to make that information available to recruiters. It is critical that you keep your profile very current ... especially the status of your availability. This service is only as effective for you as the effort you devote to it.

Resume View Notification Premium Star

Every time your resume is viewed, downloaded or printed by a contract staffing firm...we immediately email you a notification. Included in the email is the name of the firm, the recruiter's name (if known), keywords that the recruiter used to find your resume, and contact information. Keep in mind that we must have your current email address on file in order for you to participate in this service. Here, too, you may opt out this service if you choose.

Resume Email Forwarding History Premium Star

Subscribers can track their resume forwarding history to see when and to whom their resume has been emailed from our website. This service tracks resumes sent by: job searches using E-Resume, individual resumes sent to any of our advertisers, and updated resume distribution.

C.E. Locator

This is a special phone number that contract staffing firms can call to locate a subscriber (when they don't have your current contact information). Subscribers are encouraged to furnish us with permanent contacts, cell phone numbers, perhaps even a friend or relative who would know how to reach you even if you should relocate. The C.E. Locator phone number makes this a perfect way to always be accessible by contract staffing firms. As long as you are a ContractJobHunter or Contract Employment Weekly subscriber, and you allow us to release that information to contract firms we will pass it along to any recruiter that calls our Locator Number and asks for you specifically by name. (Locator: 425/806-0770)

Find Out If Someone Is Looking For You!

Discussion Forums Premium Star

Subscribers can leave messages and questions for other subscribers on this board. Discussed subjects have included: Insurance for contractors ... overtime on full rate ... job locations ... pre-employment drug testing ... and lots of contractors looking for old friends.

Subscriber's Discussion Forums

Free Email Account Premium Star

If you are a ContractJobHunter or Contract Employment Weekly subscriber who uses email a lot...this subscriber service will probably be of interest to you. This service is free, as long as you keep your subscription current. Restrictions: Any single document (either sent or received) cannot exceed 500K in size; the total amount of space allotted to any subscriber is 5 megabytes; you may select your own personal email address. We suggest using your name (Example:

Cost: Free. To sign up, email or call (425) 806-5200.

Mail Forwarding Service Premium Star

You can have a permanent (or forwarding) address to guarantee yourself of constantly receiving your mail. If you are interested in using this service, contact our office for details. Email or call (425) 806-5200. Please Note: you must be a user of our Mail Forwarding Service if you put our address on your resume for contact information.

Cost: $10/month, charged to your account at the beginning of the month. If no mail is forwarded, this charge is refunded to your account at the end of the month. As long as you have a mail forwarding account active, you will be charged for the service only if we actually forward your mail at least once during a calendar month.

Please Note: This service requires the establishment of a postage account to cover the postage cost of packaging and sending postal mail to your current address. Postal regulations prevent us from simply stamping "forward" on your mail and sending it on to you.

Employer Information Sheets Premium Star

A checkList of information you'll want to know from any potential employer. Suitable for printing and taking with you to an interview.

Employer Information Sheet

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