Free, Online Engineering, Technical and IT Courses are Available to You

Did you know that there are online classes from major universities that won't cost you a dime to take? Known as MOOCs (abbreviation for Massive Open Online Courses), these online courses are taught by Professors and Instructors from universities across the country including MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Michigan, and Virginia - as well as overseas universities.

There are MOOC classes in engineering, IT, computer science, and a host of other subjects. For a complete list of courses offered, go to MOOC offers college-level courses, with curriculum the same as taught in the college classrooms.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. MOOC courses do not generally provide college credits - although subject matter is typically the same as for a student that receives the education on campus and does receive college credits.
  2. As someone who is working in the contract staffing industry, I assume that your reason for considering MOOC training is to update, supplement, and increase your chances of finding new assignments. If so, find courses that will help you to build on your marketable experience. Look at the syllabus and make sure that the MOOC you have chosen will do that for you with potential employers.
  3. Some classes allow you to join at any time you wish; other classes demand that you begin only on certain days (usually at the start of the class).
  4. When you are attending a class with potentially 10,000 other students - it is highly unlikely that you would have one on one time with your professor.
  5. Finally, make sure that you track your work progress. Some MOOC professors may give you a certificate of completion - but that's all. Perhaps the best tool for tracking your progress would be, which allows you to upload class notes, assignments, and take screenshots of different parts of your course so that you can combine it into an open and online certificate.

We have added a link to the list of MOOC classes to the Resources page on If you have taken a MOOC, we'd appreciate your feedback. - Jerry

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