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Advertising Rates

Thank you for your interest in advertising your firm's job openings with us. For over 46 years, C.E. Publications has helped companies fill their clients' contract technical employment requirements. Positions advertised in our print magazine, Contract Employment Weekly, are also posted on our website, ContractJobHunter ( Before we can send you our advertising rates and media packet, however, we'd like you to take a few moments and answer the following questions. (If your firm is already an approved advertiser or, if you're not a staffing agency, please do not submit this questionnaire. Approved advertisers may email us for a media kit.)

Once you have completed the questionnaire, please click the SEND button and your completed form will be forwarded to us. (If you prefer, you can view and print our plain-text version of the questionnaire and mail or fax it to us instead.) After we have the opportunity to review your response, you will be mailed our media packet (assuming that your request is approved).

Again, thank you for your interest in our online and print recruiting services. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a long relationship that will benefit not only our two companies, but the entire industry we serve.


Jerry A. Erickson

Advertising Qualification Questionnaire

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Is there any fee to apply for, or accept, positions you would be advertising?
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The name of your parent company

Was your firm formed primarily for the purpose of providing contract employees to your parent company?
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Indicate which of the following your firm shares with your parent company:
Office Space Telephone Fax Staff Equipment Payroll Facilities Nothing

Do you place contract personnel with your parent company?
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Do you place contract personnel with firms other than your parent company?
Yes No

If so, are those other companies, in any manner, affiliated with your firm or your parent company?
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Approximately what percentage of the total number of contract personnel that you place work for your parent company?

Does any other contract firm supply contract personnel to your parent company?
Yes No

If so, what are the names of three of those contract firms?

Firm: Location:
Firm: Location:
Firm: Location:

Are contract employees that you place with your parent company treated any differently than those placed by other contract firms?
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If your contract employees are treated any differently, please explain the differences:

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