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ContractJobHunter (cjhunter.com) is updated online every 60 minutes. C.E. Weekly is published and mailed every Wednesday, via first class mail. Most job openings are for short or long term contract (temporary) assignments. There should never be a fee to apply for or accept any of the jobs posted on ContractJobHunter or published in C.E. Weekly.

Some jobs advertised in C.E. Weekly or on ContractJobHunter are for upcoming or anticipated openings, or may be filled before you respond to the advertiser. Please notify us if you find a firm advertising upcoming positions as "Immediate".

  • Direct (captive) positions advertised must meet the following criteria:
    1. There can be no fee to the applicant
    2. Be for a position with the advertiser's client (unless it is for a staff position with the contract firm)
    3. Each direct job must be identified as such when submitted for publication or online posting (it will, then, be identified as "direct")
  • If you wish to apply for any position advertised, send a copy of your current resume to the recruiting firm, not to ContractJobHunter, Contract Employment Weekly, or C.E. Publications.
  • We are not intended as a legal reference. Any specific questions or concerns should be referred to your attorney.
  • All copy submitted to us is subject to acceptance by our publisher. Advertisers, authors, subscribers, and members agree to indemnify C.E. Publications and its staff from any claims or lawsuits for libel, violation of rights, copyright infringement, or other suits predicated on the content of copy submitted to us.
  • Privacy Statement: Personal information obtained by C.E. Publications is used only for the purpose of providing you with our job-seeking services. Your contact information is never sold to outside parties or companies. We do not keep your credit card number on file after a transaction has taken place.
  • Your contact information might be provided to a recruiter under the following circumstances:
    1. You have a resume online and a staffing firm views the resume as part of a skills search.
    2. You have requested a HotSheet or Mini-Ad listing, which provides staffing firms with the contact information you have provided.
    3. A recruiter calls our office and asks for you by name. You may instruct us to not release your contact information to staffing firms if you wish. You may also instruct us to release your information to no one, in which case we are unable to provide HotSheet or Mini-Ad service. Otherwise, if someone calls our office and asks for contact information for you, we will give them whatever we have on file.
  • All returned checks are subject to a $5 handling fee.
  • We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone.
  • Sorry, no refunds. We will be happy, however, to transfer your membership to anyone you wish. If you want to transfer your membership, please send us instructions in writing.
  • Services are subject to change.

Advertising: Advertising rates for ContractJobHunter and Contract Employment Weekly are available online at cjhunter.com.

Resume Emailing: There may be a few contract firms advertising in C.E. Weekly or ContractJobHunter who have asked not to receive "Hot Sheets" or resumes from us through our emailing services.